What to Do If You Have Lost Your Forklift Licence

Driving forklifts in Australia is rightly regarded as high-risk work. For that reason, a forklift licence must be obtained through Worksafe.  Getting a Licence A forklift licence in Australia can only be applied and received after a person has undergone a successful forklift training course offered through an RTO (registered training organisation). You are required to attain 100 points of EOI (evidence of identity) and also complete other relevant requirements before applying for this particular heavy vehicle licence. Read More 

Commonly Asked Questions About an HR Driving Course

An HR driving course is a course that helps you gain theoretical and practical skills about heavy rigid vehicles, which helps you pass your state's department of transport and main roads driving tests. Upon passing these tests, you are issued an HR driving license. What Is an HR Driving License? An HR driving license allows you to drive heavy rigid vehicles. Heavy rigid vehicles include vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of eight tons with three or more axles. Read More 

3 Tips to Consider During Your Driving Test

Are you about to take your driving test? Driving tests bring lots of emotions, and this often includes edginess, anxiety and excitement. Although it is normal to experience these feelings, you can still ensure they don't affect your performance on your driving test. The goal here is to show your instructor that you know how to drive and have a great experience. Here are some tips you should consider before taking your driving test. Read More 

Forklift Training: Maintenance Tips That Guarantee Safety and Improved Forklift Performance

Part of forklift training involves how to keep the machine well serviced and maintained. As an operator these are necessary skills for you to learn. Neglecting your machine can lead to frequent breakdowns, constant repairs, and replacements. It may even put your life at risk. Proper service and maintenance, however, ensure that your forklift is safe to use and reliable for years on end. So it's imperative that you understand how to maintain and service a forklift – not just to get the most out of your investment, but also to reduce forklift accidents. Read More 

Aspects to Look for in a Child Care Centre

As a parent, you want the best care and nurturing for your children. The way you nurture your children while still young will play a significant role in the people they turn out to be. Today, most parents are working, and therefore have limited time with their children. It is due to their busy schedules that most parents consider enrolling their children in daycare centres. There are new daycare facilities emerging every day due to the rising demand for the services that these centres provide. Read More