What to Do If You Have Lost Your Forklift Licence

Driving forklifts in Australia is rightly regarded as high-risk work. For that reason, a forklift licence must be obtained through Worksafe

Getting a Licence

A forklift licence in Australia can only be applied and received after a person has undergone a successful forklift training course offered through an RTO (registered training organisation). You are required to attain 100 points of EOI (evidence of identity) and also complete other relevant requirements before applying for this particular heavy vehicle licence.  

The forklift certificate or operator card serves as solid proof that you were subjected successfully to the required training. A forklift licence is similar to a vehicle licence and you need to have it with you every time you are operating a forklift or looking for a forklift operator job. But what happens in case you have misplaced or lost your licence due to an unfortunate circumstance? You can simply reapply for the licence in WorkSafe. Consequently, here is what you will need to do:

  1. In advance, you are required to show your identification proof. Some proofs of identification may involve primary IDs such as an original birth certificate, passport or citizenship papers. For secondary identification documents, they may involve a pension card or telephone/gas billing not older than 12 months. Your application will not succeed if such identifications are not provided.
  2. You then have to fill out an application form, which can be sourced from the RTO where your training was done, participating AusPost outlets or WorkSafe Advisory Service. Ensure that all the information provided is correct.  
  3. You can always contact WorkSafe for any clarification or instruction using any of the contact options provided on its website.
  4. Generally, an officer of the Australia Post will comprehensively go through the details provided in the application form. You will be asked reasons for wanting to replace your forklift licence.
  5. For the application, there is a fee you must pay, which should be known in advance.
  6. Lastly, the application will be sent to WorkSafe for the necessary processing.

In conclusion, in case you are not successful in replacing your lost or misplaced licence due to any reason, you may be asked to retake your forklift training course by your new employer. This is necessary for getting reassessed. If concerned about who caters for the enrolment, that will largely depend on your negotiation. However, usually, the employer is obligated to provide the training.

For more information on taking a forklift training course to get licensed, contact a local provider near you.