Commonly Asked Questions About an HR Driving Course

An HR driving course is a course that helps you gain theoretical and practical skills about heavy rigid vehicles, which helps you pass your state's department of transport and main roads driving tests. Upon passing these tests, you are issued an HR driving license.

What Is an HR Driving License?

An HR driving license allows you to drive heavy rigid vehicles. Heavy rigid vehicles include vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of eight tons with three or more axles. Such a vehicle can also tow a trailer that should not have a gross vehicle mass above nine tons. A bendy bus can also be included in the category of heavy rigid vehicles.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for an HR Driving Course?

You should have held a class C driving license for at least two years or a light rigid or medium rigid license for at least a year. Of course, to have held these licenses means you are 18+ years old, which is also a requirement.

You should not have any medical or health conditions that may hinder your ability to drive a heavy rigid vehicle. Such conditions include limb disabilities, eyesight problems, hearing problems and diseases that may lead to loss of consciousness.

You are also required to provide a document that proves your identity; this is usually your identification card.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

You should know that you are not only taught how to drive or handle a heavy rigid vehicle, but how to safely do so. Additionally, you learn about important inspection and maintenance activities you should perform before, during and after driving the heavy rigid vehicle.

You are also taught road rules and regulations, proper dressing, and what to do in case you find yourself in various difficult situations.

After you learn the things mentioned above, you have to be tested. There are two tests: a theory test and a practical test. The theory test is the first one; it checks whether you have understood road law, road signs and what you should do during different circumstances.

Afterwards, you get into a heavy rigid vehicle for your practical test. You are asked to drive it for a particular distance so that the examiner inspects your driving skills. If you pass, you are issued an HR license.

What Work Can You Carry out With an HR License?

You can either drive a bus or a heavy rigid vehicle for transport and logistics companies. You should note that sometimes you might be required to have other skills. Find out from job descriptions what the other skills and qualifications are.